THE KEY OF D…The Second Chakra…The Abdomen

Location: The Abdomen

Color: Orange

Musical Key: The Key of D

Concepts and Principals: Relationship and Interconnection 

Indications of a blockage:


Lower back pain, abdominal pain and intestinal disruptions; gastro intestinal problems.


Questions about the nature of connection, how do I connect with myself and then to the people I'm closest to--family and friends, colleagues and coworkers; spouses and lovers; fear of relationship; feeling dissociated from others; isolation. 

Indications of an open, free flowing Abdominal Chakra


A body that is free of gastric disorders and is experiencing a sense of unimpeded energy through abdominal area.


A healthy understanding of the nature and the meaning of relationship. A positive attitude toward others and a sense of security about oneself.

Key questions:

What is the essence of relationship? How are all things interconnected? What does it mean to be in relationship?

Our journey continues with the Second Chakra, the next step on the ladder of the energy system, located in the abdominal area, the seat of the energies of relationship, duality and the beginnings of self awareness. These principals and concepts are very important aspects of your essential self.

Being human means being in relationship.  From our earliest moments of consciousness, we begin to know who we are through being "in touch" or "in connection" with another person, usually our mother and then other family members.  Our identity -- our unique and singular self -- is at once separate from the world and the relationships around us and utterly dependent on them for affirmation that we do, in fact, exist.  Resolving this apparent duality between "you and me" and "us and them" has always been a basic human challenge .

When the Second Chakra is open and unblocked by your emotions, memories and desires, you experience a deep sense of self awareness, a feeling of knowing who you are, of being present within yourself and for yourself and an understanding of your relationship between yourself and well, yourself.

Along with this feeling of being present, you also experience the sensation of a free flowing movement of your vital force throughout the abdominal region and then flowing through the body. Digestion is easy and emotional storms centering around family issues and you sense of self are quiet and calm.

When 2nd Chakra is blocked and bound, you may experience sensations of separation both within yourself and from your closest family members. You feel disconnected, not in relationship, agitated and alone. You are not present. You don’t feel at home within yourself and you aren’t happy in relationship.

At the physical level blockages in the Second Chakra will create gastric disorders, lower back pain, abdominal pain and intestinal issues.

A lot of these symptoms are the physical manifestation of problems with relationships. Most often these symptoms refer to issues with your immediate family, members and the ones you love the most. At a slightly deeper level, there may be a problem with your understanding of the concept of relationship itself. This lack of understanding leads to all sorts of internal and external troubles, especially in the immediate family circle

This is where the practice of observing reality as it is becomes very helpful.  When you open up this Center in your meditations, chances are you will experience a flood of deeply held and suppressed emotion concerning you and your family.  Remember, just observe.  Spend some time being with these feelings, with the understanding that the feelings are part of you, part of your life experience. By simply observing these feelings rather than trying to runaway from them, or worse, trying to stop them from being present in your awareness, you will allow for the presence of the emotions to flow through you. And you know what? By simply taking the step of just observing them, the emotions will pass through you, leaving you feeling much more whole, more present. This will get you through any storms that you might experience.

Learning to be present for yourself and others is the next step in creating the conditions that allow the essential self to come forward.  Here you are beginning to understand the nature of relationship and how important that function is to your sense of well being and your purpose. Being present ultimately means being happy with yourself and with you relationships with others

Working with the music:

The Key of D helps you resolve the energetic boundaries and the impediments surrounding the ability to enter into primary relationships and to connect more deeply with ourselves.  It helps you clarify their understanding of what is needed to learn about themselves through the window of close relationships.  The Key of D further helps you learn to accept responsibility for your participation in relationships.  It helps to focus awareness on the dynamic exchange between separateness and union.

Using the Key D produces an understanding of the nature of connection and then what it means to be in relationship.  This key promotes loving and receptive relationships with family and friends, colleagues and coworkers, spouses and lovers.  Lastly, the Key of D facilitates the perception of the dynamic exchange between our singular selves and the people with whom we are closest.